Active Future Development Programme

At Active Future our belief is that the development programme is quite possibly the most important programme we run. This is two fold, firstly we know that a child’s initial interaction with sport and movement has a huge impact on the lifespan of future participation and secondly, it is critically important to show parents what quality and fit for purpose provision looks like .

Virtually all provision is now adult centred and adult delivered and the use of play has diminished. At Active Future we only use play as a way to deliver our Development Programme. Please see the video below on the benefits of play.

Children learn so much through play and make sense of their surroundings, by removing play we are doing them a huge disservice and certainly so in the sporting arena. All too often sports development programmes in effect focus on a specific set of movements related to that specific sport and this is not providing children with the foundation they require.

The Active Future Programme delivers all the foundation movements children will require but they are delivered in dynamic play settings that are too often missed in school sessions.

We will also be running our programme both indoors and outdoors. We will utilise quality indoor facilities to shape the programme and also outdoor areas such as woodlands and beaches and in these instances parents will be invited to play too.


The Development Programme will be oversubscribed and we are currently taking registrations of interest. Due to our strict child to adult ratios we can only accept a very limited amount of children into our programmes.

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