Development Sessions

Research shows that if a child’s first interaction with sport or movement is positive and rewarding the chances of lifelong participation greatly increase. As a parent, who wouldn’t want their child to have a healthy active lifestyle? Despite this fact we see more and more parents choosing sports specific classes for their children at the earliest ages. This often leads to a phenomena called Early Specialisation in which a child only plays a single sport forsaking all others and this often leads to drop out in their teens (if not before).

The second issue we see within development sessions is that it is structured with the adult in mind and not the child. There is a lack of play based approaches instead using drills and activities that shape behaviour and not providing what is best for children.


Active Future Development Sessions

It is well documented that children make sense of their surroundings, learn key skills and enjoy learning through play. Movement skills should not be learned in isolation but should be learned in complex play environments. It will be this evidence based approach that shapes our offer to you.

Through our innovative and holistic approach your child will not focus on a narrow band of activities but instead will build a solid foundation of key movement skills.

Through their time with us we will be able to monitor their progress from benchmarking in the first few weeks through observation and then measuring a continual improvement.

Our delivery will make use of both indoor and outdoor activities and will also include activities such as trips to woodlands and beaches so children can explore their surroundings further.

There will also be some elements of risky play which in today’s society has been all but removed from children’s lives.

Our programme is open to all children of all abilities predominantly in EYFS and Year 1.

If you would like to find out more please feel free to provide your details below and we will send you our Parent’s Pack which will provide you with much more information.

We will then offer you the opportunity to apply for a place on our programme and fill out much more detail.

We will only be taking 10 children per intake (12 weeks).

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