It is our way of taking our awesome Fortnite Themed Camps and turbocharging them to make them the best possible experience ever.

First of all each event will have 100 children participating to replicate the game as best as possible. The events will run in extra large outdoor spaces to try to replicate the island, places for the players to camp and build. No longer will the players be able to just select their blasters and ammo, they will need to find the loot and try to keep hold of it whilst the other players are trying to steal it. Also watch out for all the different perks.

There will be lot of new games and challenges for the children to play and overcome whilst there will also be quite a few in game prizes to be won.

At the end of the day we will be holding a presentation event with prizes such as shot of the day and funniest moment as well as many more and there will also be some wildcard places up for grabs for the National Finals.

On booking each child will be assigned a coach mentor for the day with a maximum ratio of 1:15 and the coach will not only sign you in and sign you out but will be your team captain for some of the team events to give the best possible experience.

There will also be a few more surprises but we do not want to break cover too early and ruin all the surprises



How to Book