It is an invite only event for Active Future Existing Customers.

It is our way of taking our awesome Fortnite Themed Camps and turbocharging them to make them the best possible experience ever.

First of all each event will have 100 children participating to replicate the game as best as possible. The events will run in extra large outdoor spaces to try to replicate the island, places for the players to camp and build. No longer will the players be able to just select their blasters and ammo, they will need to find the loot and try to keep hold of it whilst the other players are trying to steal it. Also watch out for all the different perks.

The Nitty Gritty:


0900-1600 Friday 30th August

The Extreme Camps are longer to take into consideration the extra games and presentation event. Expect the presentation event to start around 3:30. We start registering around 9am and look to finish around 4pm.


Crofton Academy, High Street, Crofton, WF4 1NF

For the Extreme Camps only the best possible venues will be used to best re-create the environment


£20 for the full day and £30 for the specially designed Extreme Skin (this one is a secret)

Terms and Conditions:

As always there is a risk inherent with playing. Children will get shot with Nerf darts and may bump into one another and fall over. These are inherent risks of the game and you must agree that you accept these risks.

With regards cancellations you can cancel for free within 48 hours of booking (unless you book within 7 days of the event). After this date we will provide a refund if we can then sell your place.

What to bring and wear:

Feel free to bring your own Nerf Blaster (or similar) but please note that the loot rules will still exist. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in during the day. You will need a packed lunch and drinks and we will provide a tuck shop during the event.

How to Book


Simply click the link below: