Fortnite/Call of Duty Holiday Camps


Holiday camps

After rave reviews from our last Fortnite Event we have been asked to operate holiday camps.  Therefore that is exactly what we have done.

The camps will have a focus on providing movement activities but in a play based and non-standard format using the latest online crazes and old school play to encourage the children to play their favourite games for real.  Our latest event showed that children were moving up to 6 miles in a 3 hour event and taking up to 12,000 steps. 



We have 2 days running:

Tuesday 29th May

Friday 1st June

Please tick on the form which day you would prefer.

The Formal days will run between 10-3 but you are welcome to drop off early at 9am and collect as late as 5pm.  During these times the children are able to free play but supervised by us.  Full drop off and collection processes will be provided before the event.


Scotswood Sports Centre, Denton Road, Newcastle NE15.


The days will cost £15.00 per day, each sibling will be costed at a further £10.00 per day. So for example two brothers would cost £25.00 for the day.  Payment must be received within 24 hours of booking.

What will they be doing?

Below is an example format for the days followed by an explanation of the games: 


  • Blocky (Hide and Seek)
  • Man Hunt
  • Fortnite


  • Bulldog
  • Hide and Seek Tag
  • Call of Duty


To book your place or places you will need to fill out the following form.  Please only put family members on the same form if you require more than 3 sibling places please let me know.  On receipt of your form you will get a confirmation email which holds your place for 24 hours. You will then receive an email invoice.  If you could pay the invoice your place is then confirmed.

We have had over 150 enquiries in the last 24 hours and places will be limited to just 50 per day. 

We will have a minimum 4 adults on site supervising giving a ratio of 1:12/13

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Inherent Risks *
There are inherent risks to the event. If you wish your child to take part you must agree. There is the chance that they will fall over, they may bump into one another, they may get shot by a nerf gun or they may get hit by a bean bag or a soft ball. We will do all we can to minimise these risks but you must be aware that these things may happen. If you are not happy with the risks please do not send your child.

Descriptions of the Games

Blocky - one player is it and must count to 50 at the Block - pre-determined area such as a lamppost or a bench.  All other players must hide.  On the counter's shout the game becomes live.  The counter must find the hiders and get back to the block calling out their name or a description.  The hiders are trying to get back to the block without getting seen by the counter.

Man Hunt - Players are split into two teams the hunters and the hunted.  The Hunters will wear bibs.  The hunted get 50 seconds to hide.  On the command the hunters must try and find all the hunted.  If you are caught (tagged) you join the hunters

Fortnite - The main event.  We will play 2 different games duo and team games.  There will be a large area and on the first command everyone gets 2 minutes to find the loot, make a base or hide.  On the second command they battle starts.  The battle will rage for 10 minutes.

On the second command the players must get into either the 3G or the sports hall as the storm closes in.  On the third command the battle starts again and continues for ten minutes.

On the Final command the storm has closed in further and all players left in the game must get into the Sports Hall for the last man standing.  After a further ten minutes anyone still alive has won.

We have extra rules and perks such as revive bibs and shield bibs.

All players are encouraged to bring their NERF guns with them.  We will supply bean bags and soft balls for throwing.

Bulldog - Our old favourite and I am sure no explanation is required.

Hide and Seek Tag - One counter, counts to 50.  On their call they must find as many other players as possible.  If they are tagged they will join the counter.  The counter will carry bibs with them to ensure that the taggers are easily identifiable.  Last Man standing wins.

Call of Duty - Another fantastic event.  Players will be split into teams and will play Call of Duty classic scenarios like Team Death Match.

As always there will be perks and surprises for the players.  Again the children will require their Nerf guns for this event.