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Welcome to The Futsal Partnership Futsal Leagues


With the steady increase in the popularity of futsal we have made the decision to provide our own leagues for everyone to join.  For many years now we have been providing a competitive environment for our members to enjoy but have now decided to open this up to non members.  We truly believe in a different way and thus have designed what we believe to be the most child centred environment available.  Please note we do not rest on our laurels either we will continue to innovate, listen to you and make this the best possible competition there is.


Our philosophy couldn't be clearer, we believe in instilling a love of sport to encourage lifelong participation.  Everything we do has this one core value at the front.  To this end our league offering must do the same, below are a list of guiding principles that will shape our competitions:

Equal Playing Time:

Nothing could be more soul destroying for a child than sitting on the sidelines whilst their friends play.  Each and every child has the same right to play the game they love as any other.  At the end of the day these are just children playing and we are not going to allow children to be just stood.  We would ask that all coaches make sure that all children are getting equal time, we don't expect a stopwatch but please be fair.  We would like to limit squad sizes to 7 players so that everyone should get their fair share of pitch time.

Power Play:

Futsal is such a fast and end to end game that the scores can mount up really quickly. Having played the game myself, a poor bit of play could easily lead to losing 5 goals without reply.  During other youth leagues and tournaments we have witnessed games of in excess of 30-0 and this is not good for anyone.  We have therefore decided to introduce Power Play.  This is quite simple, if a team is losing by 5 clear goals (5-0, 7-2, 10-5 etc) they are allowed to add another player.  If this continues and another 5 clear goals are added then a further player can be added.  Once the scores are made equal the players must be removed.  If the scores still continue to rise, we may record the game as a win mix the teams up and play out the rest of the game as a friendly.

Chronological Ages:


Both are U12


Crazy eh?


Dividing children up based on our their chronological age is simply mad.  Children can be up to 3 years older/younger physiologically than their peers.  Therefore we are going to seed the children based on their ability and not their ages.  We will allow mixed aged teams and both boys and girls can compete in the league together.  We would envisage the age spreads being U6-U7, U8-U10, U11-U13.  The older groups we are currently taking advice on.  That said if there are teams that need to go up an age or down an age we will make that decision with the relevant manager.  We are just going to ask everyone to be sensible and work together for the best outcomes.

Adult Intervention:

We know how unbelievably exciting it is watching the children compete, we know you can get carried away in the moment, its 1-1 with a minute to go to be promoted or to get into the Regionals.  But, we must keep the environment the best it possibly can be for the children.  Research is really clear here, the players do not want to be told what to do they want to explore and try new things, they want to make their own mistakes.  The other thing to keep in mind, is in most cases they cannot hear us anyway.  Therefore, we really want to have environments where the players can just go and play without constant adult interference.  That doesn't mean we want morgues, loads of encouragement, clapping and cheering lets make it a massively positive place to be for everyone.  

Child Centred:

It would be really helpful if we could get the players making all the decisions.  If they could choose who is in the starting line up, who starts in which positions, which tactics they would like to play.  So if we as adults and coaches can guide and assist but let the kids come up with everything else this would be our idea of futsal heaven.


We will be using young people as referees.  They will in most cases be either current Futsal Partnership Players or students.  They will themselves be young people learning the game.  We would ask everyone to be fair with them, they will make mistakes but they don't mean it.  They will have all undergone the futsal referee course but will obviously be nervous especially at the start of the campaigns.

One of our Awesome Players in Action.

One of our Awesome Players in Action.

The Competition

The Leagues will be competitive in that we will keep score and there will be winners and losers.  We totally understand why The FA have brought this rule in but because we can control the environment we will publish the scores.

The format will be normal futsal rules (you will be sent these as part of your welcome pack) the games will be 40 minutes long with a break at half time.  We are hoping to have leagues of 8 and you will play each team once during that league.  The top two teams from each areas league will go through to the Regional Finals played at a top venue.  At present these will be Northern Region, Scottish Region and Southern Region.  The top two teams from each of these Regions will then go into the National Competition to be played at the National Arena in Birmingham.

At the end of this league we will be holding some Regional Tournaments too for everyone to take part.

Nitty Gritty:


The venues will be announced in due course and there will be leagues taking place across all of our areas.  In some cases where demand is high we may be able to hold dual venues.


We envisage the cost to be approximately £25.00 per team per game, this will be determined by our average venue costs.

Days and Timings:

This will be on a area by area basis.  We will in most cases work towards the majority.  On your registration of interest form please state your preferred night.  

What Next:

We will be holding Pilot Leagues in various areas starting from November 3rd.  We will run these on a reduced format so that we can iron out any potential hiccups or issues. the teams that take place in the pilot will get first refusal on places in the main leagues. The main League will commence in January 2018.

To register your interest all you need to do is fill out the following form and we will get in touch to confirm your place.



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