What makes the Futsal Partnership different?

We use empirical evidence and latest coaching theory to shape our methods. Discoveries in academic literature takes between 20-30 years to become mainstream knowledge. As we keep up to date with this research and indeed undergo our own research, simply put we do not go along with the crowd we challenge conventional wisdom and put theory into practice.

We take an athlete centred approach rather than a traditional coach centred philosophy. Your child's needs and learning are central to our processes. Athletes, like other learners will develop a better understanding and learn more effectively if they are involved in the problem solving process rather than having a coach simply impart all their knowledge.  Our organisation will enable children to think for themselves, be self regulatory and empowered and it is our aim for such traits to cross over from the sporting domain to other aspects of the children's lives.

We use the game of futsal, futebol de salao, football as well as other sports as a tool to allow children to be creative, think for themselves, problem solve and be individuals. Our primary aim is to keep children in active participation for as long as possible hopefully for life by creating a love of sport and in particular futsal and football.

When viewing our sessions and methods you will not see a coach at the front providing all the information, you will not see children stood in queues waiting their turn and you will not see children running in straight lines unopposed.  You will see children challenged to think for themselves, to solve problems, working outside of their comfort zone sometimes in chaotic and unconventional settings.

These are just some of the things that makes the Futsal Partnership different.

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