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The more you practice, the better you become.

At the Futsal Partnership we are more than just Futsal. We look at different methods to ensure players are having fun, developing and learning. It may be 2v2 games on an astro pitch, 4v4 on a Futsal court or learning 1v1 techniques on a classic grass pitch.

We believe when playing good technique is important. Players are not born with technique it is practised. Gone are the days of children playing street football everyday. If you only play when its training night or match day with your club then you are missing out on vital practice to improve

We have set up our homework programme to help players get some extra practice at home. It could be in the garden, the house,the park or the street,.

All you need is a ball and a small playing area. Those who do not have a garden do not worry you can practice in a small area in the home as many of our exercises only require a small space.

We will show ball mastery skills, 1v1 skills, and many other useful techniques that can be practiced at home. Our practices will all link in with your child’s weekly Futsal training session