Internal Leagues

Available for members that currently attend a session every week!

What is Futsal?

  • 5 v 5 game played indoor on a hard surface
  • Ball is smaller and heavier (30% less bounce) than a football
  • Limited space, 4 second restart if the ball goes out of play
  • 210% more touches than football!
  • Fast paced and FUN!


Our philosophy is to create a playing environment where the child sits at the centre of it.  To this end, we have created an environment based on their needs not ours:

  • Equal Playing Time for all
  • Mixed Ages
  • Mixed Abilities
  • Children Choose the Tactics and Subs
  • No Adult Interference



The League will be utilized to give the children the chance to play a proper Futsal match in a creative, free play environment, thus allowing the children the chance to be able to play how they want to with no criticism or instructions from the sideline. This should encourage them to try new and different techniques or methods without the fear of making a mistake.

The games will be competitive, however this will only come from the children. The competitiveness won't be from the adults or coaches with no instructions or criticism allowed.

To find the Intra Mural League in your area please click the relevant area below: Durham, Newcastle & Teesside will follow in due course.