Kids are going to have such Fun.

It is is one of the saddest aspects of the modern day that children do not get the opportunity to play anymore. I can remember the days of going out in the woods playing from dawn to dusk creating our own games that were the nation’s favourites, British bulldog, Hide and Seek, 40/40 In, Man Hunt, Knock Down Ginger.

For a whole host of reasons these games have been lost with a generation of play.

Well, no longer as Active Future are bringing these games back to life. We are launching these games under our banner of KAOS and they will be delivered as holiday events and school events in the first instance.

We are currently trialling KAOS at the following half term events.

Alnwick, Chopwell Woods, Hartlepool, Wakefield, Walbottle, North Shields and Seaham.

All Events are 10-3 but with the option of a 9am drop off and a 4pm collection.  There is a small extra cost for this, just £5.00 to include early drop and late collection.  Please select the correct option for this ticket.  

The Cost of the day is £15.00 per child.

There is a sibling discount but must only be used for siblings, friends and other family members will need to be booked at the full ticket price.

To book on just click the link below: