Launch of Summer Programme 2014


What is so different about Newcastle Futsal?
We could go on for page after page about what makes us different - in fact check out the about us section. But for us the main difference is that we use empricial evidence and latest coaching theory to shape our methods.  It is well known that what is uncovered in academic literature takes between 20 and 30 years to become mainstream knowledge.  As we keep up to date with this research and indeed undergo our own research (we have one published academic paper, one under review and one just cleared ethics) you can be sure that your children are receiving the best possible coaching.  Simply put we do not go along with the crowd we challenge conventional wisdom and put theory into practice.

The only technical coaching organisation that guarantees to make significant improvements to children's ability.

We use Futsal/Futebol de Salao as the cornerstone of our technical development as it is proven to help develop players with their decision making skills, quick passing, use of skills in tight areas as well as pattern recognition, anticipation and confidence.

Are players made or born, it is our contention that there are certain attributes that are genetic but everything else is trainable. But we all have our own opinions and we would love to hear yours.

Our organisation is evidence based and underpinned by academic theory.  We do not reply on subjective opinion but on fact and empirical evidence.

We are currently undertaking a small research project based upon the theory of athlete self regulation, it is the contention that athletes who take responsibility for their own training programmes will train longer and thus attain higher results and furthermore will benefit from longer term learning.  We will publish the results once known.

Please check out our About Us section to see why you should or even have to give this a try.  Don't worry it won't say we provide an inclusive environment that is safe and children learn at their own pace blah blah blah.  If you have to say this then your in trouble its like an airline saying fly with us because we won't crash or a restaurant saying eat here because we won't poison you.

As part of our syllabus we have incorporated many freestyle elements such as juggling, getting the ball from the floor to the air and tricks and traps such as the Enigma and Round the World.  Come and learn how, show off to your friends or get yourself on YouTube.  If nothing else it huge fun learning and trying.