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In the October Half Term we are commencing our National Championships.  From Each Camp there will be 5 children selected based on a number of criteria to go forward at Christmas to compete in the Regional Championships.  Then there will be a National Championships held in Easter Holidays.   


As a result of our mad summer we have continued the programme with the added benefit of a National Championships.  If you just want to come along and shoot your friends and take it easy, do not worry this is still the camp for you.  Who knows, due to your sportsmanship, your friendliness and manners you may still make the Regionals  

Whilst the formats might change below is an idea of what a day will look like:

  • 10.00 am Massive Game of Bulldog

  • 10.30 am Fortnite Solo

  • 11.00 am Fortnite Duos

  • 11.30 am Fortnite Squads

  • 12.00 pm Lunch

  • 13.00 pm Blocky (hide and seek)

  • 13.30 pm Hunger Games

  • 14.00 pm Call of Duty Zombies

  • 14.30 pm Man Hunt

  • 15.00 pm Finish

We have been measuring the movement over the camps and we are finding that children are moving in excess of 10km per event.

We have added some improvements to the camps to include Combat Training in the form of timed courses, accuracy shots and duals.

We have limited places available at each camp so you will need to book early to avoid dissapointment. 

Below is a calendar with all of our events listed, cannot see what you are looking for scroll down to select your venue.


How to Book



Our Fortnite and Call of Duty Events are always a sell out and they are sold on a first come first served basis.  However, supporters of the weeks and regular customers always get a head start on bookings.

To book your place simply click on the venue of your choice below and then fill out the details and make the payment and your places are all yours.  

Please note that booking will only be accepted with a full payment unless agreed otherwise.  On making your payment your booking will be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email.