SEN Weekly Events

We are now bringing the awesome Gaming Themed Events to the Weekend. One of our favourite and unintended consequences was the amount of children we have engaged with special educational needs. As our events have progressed so has the percentage of children with SEN who engage with our programme, currently over 20% of all participants.

We strongly believe movement and fun should be for all children.

To this end we have decided to bring events specifically for these children and their families. Our events are as follows:

20th October - Chopwell Woods

23rd November - Alnwick

1st December - Barnsley

Please feel free to come along and watch, drop off or take part too. It is all very relaxed and huge fun.

image1 2.jpeg

The aims of these events are to engage more and more people in movement and to get children off their screens, socialising, having fun and keeping active with their parents and grandparents

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Please note the system will only ask you for one child and one parent details. We will collect full information of all participants prior to the event.