Our Purpose is to improve the life long participation rates of children in sport.

Currently between 70-80% of all children will drop out of sport by aged 14 never to return.

We use Futsal/FDS Techniques as the cornerstone of our syllabus and methodology.  We also research national governing bodies, latest theory and best practice from futsal, football and other sporting domains to provide the best possible environment for your child to learn.



To change the focus of coaching in the participation domain (grass roots) away from a coach centred approach to holding the needs of the athlete at the centre, better known as the athlete centred approach.  To instill a love of competitive sport and in particular futsal and football so that each person has lifelong participation.

The Normal Stuff:

  • Fully Insured
  • FA Qualified and Licensed Coaches
  • Enhanced DBS checked
  • Emergency Aid Certificates and Child Protection.
  • All these documents are available upon request.

So what makes us so different, we do state that we offer a ‘fun and inclusive environment where children learn at their own pace’ as all other companies state but we also offer so much more we don’t hide behind generic statements though we clearly state why we are so good:

What does a Session Look Like?

Below is what it looks like as you walk into one of our sessions.

  • No Lines,
  • No Adults shouting instructions
  • No Cones
  • No Bibs

Lots of Yes'

  • Smiles
  • Experimentation
  • Skills
  • Interference
  • Context
  • Learning
  • Exploration
  • Fun