The Futsal Partnership Coaches

All coaches are professionals with or currently obtaining a minimum Degree in Sports Coaching on top of holding all the FA License Requirements such as: Emergency First Aid, Safeguarding Children, DBS Checked.  As well as keeping up to date with statutory requirements all coaches must undergo 100's of hours of CPD per year as well as training every 3 Months.

All coaches must share a similar philosophy and values as the organisation.

Matthew Goodman

Matthew Goodman (BSc, MSc)

Head Coach and Futsal Partnership Manager

Coaching Credentials:

  • 20+ Years experience within participation domain
  • BSc Sports Science
  • MSc Sport Coaching
  • Level 2 Football & Futsal
  • Youth Modules 1-3
  • Published Author and Currently Undertaking a Phd

Telephone: 07792795625


Coaching Philosophy:                                                                Hugely passionate about improving current coaching standards, hate the use of phrases such as "get it out" "not in there" and worst of all "just get rid of it".  I love it when children come to my sessions after practicing and showing me new skills they have designed. Bit forgetful of non essential things but always remember the important stuff.  Absolutely love everything about my job and the people I work with. Often asked do you not get bored - answer "nope never I just love it, love it love it."

Dan Horsley

Dan Horsley (BSc Hons) 

Head Coach and Northumberland Futsal Area Manager  

Coaching Credentials:

  • BSc Sports Coaching
  • UEFA B Licence
  • Youth Module 1, 2 & 3
  • Level 2 Futsal
  • Published Author

Telephone: 07854 190807



Kirsty Lincoln

Kirsty Lincoln (BSc Hons) 

Head Coach and area manager of Tyneside Futsal

Coaching Credentials:
— BSc Sports Science with Coaching
— FA Level 2
— Youth Module 1, 2 and 3
— FA Futsal Level 2      

Telephone: 07813347376


Coaching Philosophy:
My Coaching philosophy is based upon creating an environment that encourages athletes to learn and develop as players and people both on and off the playing field. To create a positive learning environment in which players can express themselves and use their imagination, where mistakes aren't ridiculed but recognised as positives, stepping stones towards creating greatness.

Kirsty can get young children to do things that most of us cannot through excellent communication, thoughtful planning and unbelievable patience.

About Myself:                                                                                        I am so passionate about the work I do and will give everything to help the children I work with fall in love with sport and develop both as players and people.  

What parents say about Kirsty:
"Kirsty has a fantastic relationship with the youngsters, and fills them with enthusiasm. Her sessions are always varied and fun, and she responds to the individual needs and personalities of the children. ***** is not always confident when trying out new things, and Kirsty has been incredibly patient, often showing him things a second time one to one if he has not grasped then straight away. 

****** loves going along every Saturday, and his face lights up when he sees Kirsty."

Craig Macleod

Craig Macleod (BSc Hons)

Head Coach 

 Coaching Credentials:
— BSc Sports and Exercise Development
— FA Level 1 & 2

Telephone: 07920021772


Coaching Philosophy:                                                                     My coaching philosophy is to develop young players whilst allowing elements of creativity, believing the players are those that possess the ability, not the coach. I avoid shouting and constant direction, as this will contradict my beliefs. I allow time for individual learning and guided discovery; whilst ensuring that athletes know mistakes are acceptable and a vital learning curb in their development.

Greg Gavin

Greg Gavin (BSc Hons)

Head Coach and Teesside Futsal Area Manager

Coaching Credentials:

  • BSc Sports Coaching
  • FA Level 1 & 2
  • Futsal Level 2

Telephone: 07516636720 


Coaching Philosophy:                                                              Players need to be given the opportunity to play in game situations, which are fun and enjoyable. Also, encouragement should be used through a form of feedback and questioning to inspire them to participate in sport without feeling pressures to win. It is vital that the players are the centre of the session, thus allowing them to be creative and make choices and decisions for themselves.                                                             

About Myself:                                                                                       I strive to inspire children to participate within sport as it's underpinned by current literature how beneficial it is for life long health and well-being. Allowing children to freely express themselves within sport is another factor that helps them fall in love with the game I ensure they have this opportunity within all of my sessions. 

Sam Livesey (BSc Hons)

Session COACH (NEWCASTLE+Tyneside)

Coaching Credentials: 
— BSc Sports Coaching
— FA Level 1 and 2
— FA Futsal Level 1

Telephone: 07508411237


Coaching philosophy:
My coaching philosophy is grounded in creating a fun relaxed environment where players feel comfortable to express not only their physical abilities but also any thoughts or feelings they may have. I'm a big believer in guided discovery where possible to help the children retain knowledge and challenge them to think for themselves as well as viewing mistakes as a positive learning curve and using past mistakes as signs of progression. I love it when kids have come back after sessions and come up with their own skills or movements due to this extra freedom and challenge their own imagination and I like to have a bit of a laugh as that's the main aim of the sessions as time flies when your having fun.


Chris Hayes

Session Coach (NEWCASTLE+tyneside)

Coaching Credentials:
— Applying to Obtain Degree in Sports Coaching
— FA Level 1 & 2
— FA Futsal Level 1
— FA Youth Module 1

Telephone: 07885625181


Coaching Philosophy:                                                                         I am a great believer in providing a positive environment for young players. Providing the right environment through careful planning enables the players to express themselves without fear of failure. Creating a fun environment free from pressure where players aren't afraid to make mistakes is essential, mistakes are a vital part of learning and development, if we didn't make mistakes how would we learn? It is these mistakes and how we learn from them that makes us the player/person we are. 

What parents say about Chris:                                                 "Chris is always full of enthusiasm and provides clear instructions ensuring that new skills are developed and then encouraged at every opportunity.  We always have fun and enjoy the sessions, he is always friendly and professional, providing feedback so that we all understand the session.  **** always looks forward to Futsal on a Friday its his favourite time of the week and he just loves Chris in his words 'he knows lots of skills to teach us'"

**** said "Because of the skills I have developed at futsal, I am more confident with playing football with my friends at school. It's nice to show my skills in the school yard".

Tony Rees

SESSION COACH (Northumberland )

Coaching Credentials:
— FA Level 1
— FA Futsal Level 1
— FA Youth Module 1 & 2

Telephone: 07930236807


James Hankinson


Coaching Credentials:
— BSc Sport Coaching
— FA Futsal Level 1
— FA Level 1

Telephone: 07584567204

Adam Dean


Coaching Credentials:
— BSc Sport Coaching
— FA Futsal Level 1
— FA Level 2

Telephone: 07717784033