Our Purpose is to improve the way football is coached in the UK and to professionalise coaching.

We use Futsal/FDS Techniques as the cornerstone of our syllabus and methodology.  We also research national governing bodies, latest theory and best practice from football and other sporting domains to provide the best possible environment for your child to learn.



To change the focus of coaching in the participation domain (grass roots) away from a coach centred approach to holding the needs of the athlete at the centre, better known as the athlete centred approach.  To use sport and in particular futsal to allow children to be creative and to provide the freedom to express themselves without fear of failure. Most of all to allow them to be independent thinkers and self regulating people which will transfer into other areas of their lives.

It is simple for any organisation to state they are the best for the development of your child. But we believe the only way to really find this out is to try it first and as a result of this we always offer our clients the opportunity to come and try for a month totally free of charge.

The coaching system has so many factors that affect the outcome it would be impossible for a child or parent to be sure if there is a correct fit after only one trial session.  This is one of the things we believe makes us unique – it is our desire to see a child through all the developmental stages and thus a month free in the scheme of things is the least we can do in return for the trust in aiding the development of your child over many years.

Player Progress

The recently launched PRO Scheme measures players over 7 disciplines and each child's progress is held on an online system so that you can see where they are at any time.

On joining the Futsal Partnership you will receive a full brochure outlining everything within the Scheme.

The full database site has been developed primarily to facilitate the maintenance of the PRO Testing System, but may be developed to help with the entire operations of the Futsal Groups franchise longer term. 

Full progression database