A Great Week in Berwick

This summer saw the fourth and largest trip yet with 24 children of all ages taking in all that Berwick has to offer.  All previous trips had a significant football element with sport being the main focus however as the years have gone by so the focus has shifted from the sporting aspect to the social. 

The environment we have been trying to create is one of self reliance and freedom within certain boundaries and as always these boundaries were 100% respected, so much so that yet again the staff at Haven Berwick commented on the politeness and all round behaviour of the group.

Whilst we did play football most days and as always the standard was particularly high the greatest success of the weeks were that children were allowed to be children, they were given responsibility of money and cleaning up for themselves but the most rewarding aspect was seeing the friendships grow so that they are all now as thick as thieves.

This was going to be the last year running the residential trips but we have reversed our decision and are expecting to take at least 40 children next year as Northumberland & Tyneside join the trip.