Why are the Development Sessions So Important?

Simply put a child's earliest experience of sport will have a long term effect on the likelihood of remaining in sport for life.

 If a child’s initial experience is pleasurable, enjoyable and rewarding the likelihood is that longevity of sport is improved.

Therefore our whole programme has been designed to fulfil this need.  The programme is a games approach whereby your child will be engaged for the whole session never stood around waiting their turn or stood listening to the coach babble on about what he or she knows.

The start of the programme will see lots of tag games, changes of direction, use of hand and feet, throwing, tumbling and allowance of creativity in designing their own games.  As the weeks progress the ball will be added more and more until week 12 will be nearly 100% ball work.

By the end of the initial 12 weeks our aim is to have instilled the love of sport and to have started your child on a journey where they will also become very very technically proficient footballers or futsal players. 

We have designed for you a full player pipeline that will help children through sport and into adulthood and the next step for the children after the Development Sessions are moving into the technical groups, where they will experience the PRO Scheme

Children working with World Freestyle Champion John Farnworth.

Children working with World Freestyle Champion John Farnworth.

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