The Futsal Partnership School's Programme

80% of all children will leave sport by aged 16

Our organisation has been established to reverse this trend.  We believe that by providing a child centred approach we can keep children within sport into adulthood.  This has many benefits such as improved health and increased academic performance.

Primary and First School Futsal Tournaments

We are providing inter school futsal tournaments.  These will take place once a term utilising the facilities from your local secondary or high school.  The primary schools from within your cluster will compete to become the localities Futsal Champion.  On winning the tournament you will then go to compete in the Annual City and Regional School Futsal Tournaments.  These events are free to your school and will be officiated by our expert team of coaches.


Our in school syllabus has been designed and refined over many years to provide the most comprehensive child centred in school programme available.  Within a term's course it will provide a structure to teach new skills, allow for independent learning and peer to peer coaching with the use of deliberate play in order to allow transfer of the skills.  The syllabus provides lots and lots of opportunities for the children to be creative in an environment that is free to fail.

Sports Week and Sports Day

We are here to support your school in any way we can and would be pleased to provide our services during your school sports week and sports days.  We could set up internal school futsal or football leagues for the week or just provide each class or year 45-60 mins group tasters.  As with all of our programmes this can be as flexible as you need us to be.

A partnership with Northumbria University ensures that all of our coaches have or are working towards an undergraduate coaching degree. Furthermore we have support of Professor Ian James who aids with the organisation's research and programme delivery.


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